Beautiful woman, you’ve probably heard this many times “you’ve got to practice self care and self love”. But what’s the difference? Why is it so important as a woman to have this time for ourselves?

I see self care as being anything from meditation time, to taking a walk with the dog or soaking in the bath with a good book. Self love on the other hand? It goes deeper. It’s about prioritising your emotional health. It’s about giving yourself daily reminders, space and affirmations that you are worthy and you are enough.

Self love is a long term game that’s for sure! It’s not something you’ll ‘fix’ overnight, waking up completely accepting yourself and loving yourself. It can take months and years to switch your mindset, but the important thing is that you show up and practice self love habits, so you can shine like the freakin’ superstar goddess that you are!


Self love habit # 1 – Make self love dates with yourself

You know those dates you make with your partner or bestie and you get all excited to hang out, connect and enjoy some fun relaxing time together? I want you to do that with yourself too! As women we so often put everyone else first before us. The kids, husband, friends, clients. We seem to always come last – but there’s something totally wrong with that!

When you prioritise your own self care time, you’re affirming to yourself that you are worthy, loved and enough. You’re affirming to yourself that you’re a total goddess just as you are!

So gorgeous, I want you to ‘book in’ a date with yourself right now for the coming few days. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes, get out your calendar and literally book it in! How you spend your self love date is up to you – the main thing is to have gentle time with yourself where you can unwind, fill your cup and look after your own needs first.


Self love habit # 2 – Use mantras and affirmations to affirm how worthy you are

Beautiful, you’ve probably told yourself that you’re not worthy or enough over the years. Maybe you keep repeating the same negative cycles or beating yourself up about your body. We tend to focus on everything that ‘isn’t right’ with us and we push our amazingness to the side!

So I want you to switch those old negative beliefs and words you keeping telling yourself and create a new way of thinking. Create your own affirmations and mantras that you can tell yourself daily, over and over. It may feel weird at first and you might not ‘believe’ that your new mantra is true, but trust me over time you’ll start to ACCEPT and BELIEVE in it.

Here’s a few affirmations you can use daily to boost your self love:

“I am worthy and enough just as I am”

“I approve of myself inside and out”

“I accept and love myself, flaws and all”


Self love habit # 3 – Practice mindfulness

My final tip for you is to practice mindfulness in all areas of your life. It’s easy to get swept up in ‘being busy’, speaking negatively about ourselves and eating foods that are not good for us. But when we are mindful each day, we can start to change these old habits and create new self lovin’ ones!

Practice mindfulness by committing to meditation each day – even 5 minutes will do the trick to help you hit ‘reset’. Others ways you can be mindful is by checking in with how you’re speaking to yourself, the thoughts you’re having and the way you’re treating your body.

Try it for just 24 hours and commit to being mindful in how you’re going about your day. Be aware of the old negative habits you want to break and write down small little steps you can take daily to give yourself more self love.

Gorgeous goddess please remember this – you’re here to shine and love yourself first. It’s ok to prioritise your own self love, in fact, I encourage it!


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