Grab a cuppa and get cozy, because, in this week’s free oracle reading, we’re diving into deep wisdom about how to allow things to happen naturally in your life!
Not only that, but I also share messages around:

🙌 how to think long-term and never give up
🙌 how to allow the universe to support you and guide you instead of you making those drastic majorly big decisions
🙌how to have the strength and the faith that everything we go through in the journey of life is a process, and right now where you are is perfect

Today’s video is a Shine Bright Babes 🔮ORACLE CARD READING | PICK A CARD🔮 Rechelle Mackay (weekly pick a card oracle card reading – this week using Wisdom of the Oracle Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid) with Rechelle Mackay where she picks oracle cards for this week’s energy forecast.
This week Rechelle Mackay talks about how to allow things to happen naturally in your life, how to trust the universe to guide you in your decision making, and how to have more faith in your life process.

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