The energy of this month is focusing strongly on your energetic vibration. We’re being called to consciously tune inward, harness our own energy and raise our frequency to become magnetic to our desires. It’s time to get your vibes in line with your dreams, gorgeous!

How do you raise your vibration?

It all starts within you. You’ve got an unbreakable inner strength and power and this resides in your solar plexus. The more you can tune into this chakra and acknowledge this divine strength, the more you’ll notice your energy shifts and raises into new magical heights.

Bring an attitude of gratitude to your everyday life.

Gratitude is magnetic to abundance and beauty. What can you be grateful for today? Tap into this feeling – whether you’re grateful for something small like a fresh cup of morning coffee, or something bigger like the endless love you have for your family – it all counts.

When you look at the world around you with an open and grateful heart, your vibration heightens and you become a cosmic match for more of your dreams.

We all have this inner strength, it’s simply a matter of tapping into it and working with it consciously to create a thriving and joyful life.

Move from confusion to clarity and connection

Another theme coming forward this month is clarity. If you’ve felt confused about your direction or just overwhelmed in a fog of endless ‘to-do’s’, take time to quieten your mind and go slowly. Nourish your body, mind and soul this month with beautiful organic foods, reading, being in nature and being creative.

When you become connected with just one thing at one time, the confusion and overwhelm disappears, and you’re left feeling grounded, connection and nurtured. But gorgeous – you have to consciously give yourself this sacred space to tune inward and disconnect from the noise outside of you.

If you’re feeling hurt or unintentionally in a lower vibration due to outside forces, I encourage you to sit with these feelings and move through them. Rather than push them away, tune in and feel it, so you can then forgive, let go and release it.

Overall, you’re being called to be the warrior goddess of your own life this month. Raising your vibration is a daily conscious choice, but when you choose to rise above and focus on your dreams, you’ll become brave and unstoppable!


Some beautiful essential oils to support you this month:

Rechelle Mackay - How to raise your vibration


Peppermint is your go-to oil bestie when you feel disheartened, fearful or worried about whether you’re worthy enough or capable enough of creating your dreams. Tune into the powerful essence of Peppermint to raise your energetic vibration, invigorate your body, mind and soul and anchor into that all knowing worthy woman that lives within you.


Spikenard is the oil of gratitude! When you bring gratitude for the abundance all around you, you are consciously raising your vibration and become a magnet for more beauty and abundance in your life. Spikenard helps us to slow down, surrender, tune in and appreciate the magic that surrounds us. Let your soul open wide to the magic all around you when working with this beautiful oil.


Go forth free spirit woman, and let your vibration soar high!

Rechelle x


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