Frou Williams is a certified life and wellness coach whose work provides long lasting healing for the mind, body and soul. She works hand in hand with her clients to achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual peace.
In today’s episode, we explore what truly makes a woman spiritually free and how we can let go of the boundaries set in our way. I believe that staying in a box is not the way to live, and we can all achieve emancipation if we show up unapologetically and break free from impediments in our lives.
Frou is such an amazing woman, and we had an amazing conversation that I know you will enjoy!
In this episode, Frou and I explore:
  • How a free spirit woman is one who unapologetically believes in her unique self and shares her purpose in the world
  • How she is currently in the process of becoming a free spirit woman, with years of shedding self-doubt and uncertainty to eventually enjoy her freedom
  • How the biggest obstacle can be setting boundaries for oneself but is something that every woman needs
  • Having inner strength and self-love are key ingredients to live a full life
  • Being in a box people around you have set and how you can get out of that box
  • Intuition and how sometimes it doesn’t have conscious reasoning to it
  • How can you turn your self-doubt into your inner power



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Lauren Aletta is an intuitive guide and teacher who supports men and women in accessing and understanding their inner being and intuition to support them in life navigation.

Lauren is the author of the soon to be published book – Seasons of the Soul – A Mystics Guide into your personal seasons. And she is the creator of Lumina Tarot and Connected & Free oracle cards and the free monthly ebook, Soul School Monthly.

Lauren has always been passionately called to explore and study the unseen mechanics of the universe and delights in the privilege she has in expanding other peoples field of consciousness to create dynamic shifts in their life.

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