Lauren Aletta is an intuitive guide who supports men and women in accessing and understanding their inner being and intuition.

She’s the creator of the Lumina tarot and Connected & Free oracle cards which I absolutely love. I’m also part of Lauren’s online program The Navigation Map.

This woman is mind-blowing. She’s a guru when it comes to all things intuition and someone I’ve turned to for guidance whenever I’ve felt lost or confused.

Lauren describes herself as a little bit wild, a little bit gutsy and a non-conformist, which I think is what makes her and the work she does so special.

I know you’re going to love the conversation we have today.

In this episode, Lauren and I explore:

  • Lauren’s story of learning to embrace her gifts and step into who she is as an intuitive, a mother and a woman.
  • Craving acceptance from your family and community. What impact this has on your personal and spiritual evolution.
  • How to set boundaries to strengthen your energetic system.
  • Dishonouring your truth – the role this plays in depression and anxiety.
  • Committing to and investing in your soul through daily spiritual practices.
  • Intuition is a learnt skill, cultivated through curiosity and inner growth.
  • Using self-responsibility to combat self-doubt
  • Lauren’s experience with burnout and having to rebuild her business from the ground up.


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+ Connected & Free Oracle

+ Lumina Tarot Deck

+ The Navigation Map

+ Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

+ Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch



Lauren Aletta is an intuitive guide and teacher who supports men and women in accessing and understanding their inner being and intuition to support them in life navigation.

Lauren is the author of the soon to be published book – Seasons of the Soul – A Mystics Guide into your personal seasons. And she is the creator of Lumina Tarot and Connected & Free oracle cards and the free monthly ebook, Soul School Monthly.

Lauren has always been passionately called to explore and study the unseen mechanics of the universe and delights in the privilege she has in expanding other peoples field of consciousness to create dynamic shifts in their life.

Connect with Lauren at:

+ Website:
+ Instagram: @innerhue
+ Facebook: /inner-hue



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