“You can’t feel the lightness unless you’ve felt the darkness” ~ Sarah Williams


Have you ever felt like you are running away from your truth? Or perhaps you feel stuck and have no idea how to break free.

Sarah Williams knows this feeling well. After her Mum passed away, Sarah ran from her feelings – to a different country, a different job, a different state. But eventually, she had to face her pain.

What Sarah discovered is that these dark, rock-bottom moments are often opportunities to begin living your truth. It’s about getting really honest with yourself.

If you’re ready to stop running and turn your pain into your greatest power, you’re going to love this Free Spirit Radio episode.

Sarah and I explore:

  • Using pain as a compass to discover your truth
  • Learning how to embrace both the darkness and the light
  • Pulling yourself up on your own bullshit
  • How Sarah uses the wisdom of her body to access her intuition
  • The power in voicing what you need
  • Discernment, embodiment, trust, awareness and acceptance – qualities all free spirit women need



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Sarah Williams is a Feminine Embodiment Coach in training, Womens circle facilitator and Yoga Teacher on a mission to empower women to live the life they truly desire. Known for her down to earth approach and authentic musings, Sarah inspires women to get out of their head and back into the wisdom of their body.

Connect with Sarah at:

+ Website: sarah-williams.co
+ Facebook: /sarahwilliams.co
+ Instagram: @sarahwilliams.co



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