You’re an intuitive goddess! We’re all intuitive, but some women are more in tune with their intuition than others. I know one thing for sure though; learning to trust my intuition has seriously changed my life in so many ways.

Intuition is ancient wisdom – it’s the divine part of us that knows best. Your intuition is your higher self and when you learn how to listen and trust it, it becomes essential to creating a beautiful and abundant life that you’re crazy in love with.

When you listen and act on your intuition, you start to build your confidence because you realise that you don’t really need the opinions or approval of anyone else, but yourself. I LOVE this about intuition – it helps you to become bold, brave and shine your light brighter than ever before!

But gorgeous, how do you know when to trust your intuition and how? Often we get mixed up between our intuition and our heart, so I want to explain the difference and how to work with both to become the free spirit goddess of your own life!


Trust your gut first

You’ve probably felt your intuition in your gut before. It’s that deep ‘knowing’ – you get a hunch or a feeling that something is right.

But don’t get gut feelings confused with fear. Your fear will be felt in the gut too – but your fear feels anxious and heightened in emotion (basically it tells you to run or fight!) whereas your intuition feels calm and grounded.

It’s important to know the difference between fear and intuition because your fear will shout at you like a crazy person but your intuition will whisper. The funny thing is, over time your intuition will come as a loud knock if you don’t listen to it!


Open your third eye chakra

You can feel your intuition in the gut, but to open it up even more, you have to work on your third eye chakra – the home of intuition and psychic abilities. Get your intuitive goddess vibes on by meditating daily and ‘listening’ for intuitive messages from your higher self, guides and angels.

You can also practice regular deep belly breathing to centre yourself and again listen for those messages that come through. One of my favourite daily rituals for improving my intuition is to do a daily oracle card draw. I simply centre myself, and pull a card to see what divine message I need to hear. Commit to doing this daily and you’ll notice your intuitive abilities get so much stronger!


Lead with intuition, then follow your heart

When we trust our intuition first (even if it seems crazy!) we create a really strong guidance system to move us forward. Our heart is focused on our desires and hopes, and it’s so important to follow your heart in life, but beautiful, please lead with your intuition first to understand what actions you need to take.

Your heart will often be so confused with emotion that you can’t ‘think’ straight (ever had that feeling?!) whereas your intuition will give you the divine guidance you need that is perfect just for you.

Your intuition is your greatest superpower gorgeous woman. Learn to trust it, listen and act on it, because when you do, your life will become more magnetic, powerful, magical and abundant than you ever imagined before.


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