In this blog post, I’m going to be talking about three things that you can tap into your intuition. 

Personally, there are 3 things that have really helped me in using my intuition and how to tap into it. 

But first of all, let me tell you that we all have intuition. Every single one of us. We can all connect to spirit. 

Some of us think that we’re better than others, or we have stronger intuition than others, but it’s not true. It’s just a matter of really these three things that I believe can help you 

When you do these things, you will really start to notice a massive change in the way you use your intuition.


Trust what you receive. I cannot stress that enough. 

So many times I hear people that are just not trusting what they’re getting. 

Intuition is like a muscle. The more you work on a muscle, the more it’s going to build.

An intuition muscle is trusting what you’re getting and the more you trust it, the more it will work, and the more it’ll be switched on. 

The more that you know it to be true instead of questioning it and doubting it, the more your trust gets stronger. 

When we are doubting and when we’re fearing the voice or the hits that we get or the channel that we get, most of the time, we then start to reject the information.

Because everyone gets it differently. When we reject the information, it means we don’t trust it. 

You don’t have to share the information you receive with others. Maybe you just want it for yourself and for your own personal life.

You can also write it down in a journal.

Just write down what you receive so that you’re basically acknowledging spirit or wherever that information comes from like the higher source, God, Buddha, Ganesh, Lakshmi, whatever it is and wherever you channel information from or where you believe it comes from.

Own that information. Because we all have it.


Whether it be tarot or oracle deck, pull a card for yourself once a day. 

If you’re not sure where to go, please leave a comment down below and I’ll tell you where to buy the best decks from.

So grab yourself a deck, pull a card once a day for yourself. 

When you pull a card once a day, write down the message in your journal and see whether you can connect it to what’s happening around you.

For instance, let’s have forgiveness as an example. When forgiveness card comes up, it’s all about forgiving.

“You can then write a forgiveness card and this the name of the card.”

Then write your interpretation in the journal. Write there what forgiveness meant for you or what’s the message it’s trying to communicate to you.

Each time you get a message, even if it’s just from an oracle deck or tarot and it’s not mediumship, it’s not the spirit, it’s not channeled information, you will then start to own what you’re getting from those decks. 

Believe me, it helps, because you start to connect to something different to us, and you trust.

You’re trusting that the card that you’re pulling every day is correct. It’s right. 100% it’s right. 

This is the other thing too, you’re here reading this for a reason because you’re curious and you know there’s higher and bigger than us that we’ve got to tap into it. 


Personally, when I’m disconnected from myself, when I am not body-conscious when I’m not sensory to what’s going on around me, and when I’m not present, my intuition is not strong.

So slow down and just do nothing. Sit on the beach, sit outside, sit with your dogs, be present. 

Just really tune back into yourself. 

What happens when we do that is that we hear things, we see things, we feel things, and we know things. 

Then something really magical just happens because you’re really present and you’re really centered within your body. 

Your body is used like a temple for you, for the world around you. 

I’m not sure if you want to use your intuition professionally as in serving people, but if it’s just for yourself, you should be doing it every day. 

So that’s the three things, number one is trust what you receive. Number two is grabbing yourself a deck. And number three is centering, being present in your body and allowing yourself to hear yourself.


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