Do you ever compare yourself to others? You’re sick to death of feeling like this and you crave just doing you and all you want to do is just stay in your lane not others! 

If you answer a big YES, I hear you loud & clear believe me, I was also a queen of comparing myself to others but then the day I realized that for me to live a happy life, I had to get out comparison & accept me as me. 

Here I will share my very own 5 most powerful effective things that you can do right away to stop comparing yourself to others.

I’m so god damn passionate about this particular topic because for a long time I was crippled in this drama to my myself, living on other terms (not mine)! It’s 100% the thief of joy when we compare ourselves. It’s that simple.

I was filtering who I am for years because I was thinking I wasn’t good enough to be who I am, so I filtered myself.

Now let’s dive into the 5 powerful tips you can use right away to stop comparing yourself to others so you can BE CONFIDENT as you are and shine brighter into the world like never before!

1. Trust where you are at in life. DIVINE TIMING for YOU!

All you’ve got to do is, in this whole comparison-itis, is trust that where you’re at is divine timing. And you don’t need to be anywhere else.

Comparing yourself, your body, your looks, your clothes, your career, your relationships will actually do you no fucking good!


Because those people that you are comparing yourself with are living their life and you’re living your life. They are not you and you are not them. You are unique and your gifts are yours.

KEY here is to accept divine timing for yourself and TRUST the power of now in your life! 

2. Stop looking at people as better than you.

You’ve got to stop. You’ve got to stop looking at people as better than you! FULL STOP!!!!!!!

It doesn’t matter about qualifications and it doesn’t matter about how you perceive that person to be. You’ve got to look at them as equal. You have all your unique gifts and all your unique abilities. You just haven’t trusted yourself enough yet to see that.

If you are a millennial, I would say to you, it’s one step at a time.

Yes, we have our mentors and we have people we look up to.

But when you start to compare yourself, or filter yourself from being who you are, because you’re comparing yourself to those people, that’s when you’ve really got to pick yourself up and go, “Hang on a minute. I’m not them, I’m me”.

3. Know your gifts and strengths.

When we start to really see who we are, and we own who we are, we don’t compare.

We usually are comparing ourselves when we’re looking at someone that is doing it better, or looks better, than us.

Always come back to yourself. Know your gifts, the things that you’re really good at, these are your qualities and these are your strengths.

The key to stopping comparing yourself is self-awareness because it leads to self-acceptance and self-love.

If you don’t know your strength, you need to work with someone to help you to establish that or help you to identify that.

Ask your best friends. “What are my strengths? What are my three top strengths?” And when you’re asking that question, trust that question.

Trust those answers that you get from those people. If they’re your besties, or your career friends, or your family, you trust what they say to you. People that love you are going to give you honest feedback.

4. Own who you are.

The reason you are comparing yourself is that you think that people are doing it better, or are better than you. That’s not true.

That’s your ego telling you. That’s your mind telling you. Your spirit knows the truth. And you’re beautiful exactly the way you are.

You have all these beautiful gifts and all these beautiful strengths within you. But you’ve just got to own it. Own it.

Owning it takes practice.

When you start to compare yourself to others, and other peoples’ lives, say hang on a minute. That’s not my life. This is my life. This is who I am.

5. Don’t ever get jealous of what others have.

I always say, don’t ever be jealous.

You know, when you say to yourself, “I envy her”.

Don’t say that. Don’t get in the habit of saying that. Say to yourself, “Oh my god. She’s so inspiring. I love her.”

Be inspired by people. People are there to teach us. People are there to help us. Not for us to compare to people in our life.

We’re not here to compare ourselves to other people. Every single being on this planet has beautiful gifts, qualities, and strengths. We all have that to share with the world.

Gorgeous, you have made it through my 5 powerful tips that you can use to stop comparing yourself to others.

Because if you still do, you’ll never ever take that next step forward because you’ll be always comparing yourself to the other person.

You may also become stuck in your own life, whether it be love life, whether it be a career, or whether it be making big decisions.

You’ve got to remember that there’s only one of you. You have all those gorgeous gifts, and it will shine through when you own all of yourself.


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