We ain’t always going to make everybody like us, right. We don’t have to make everybody like us. It’s a part of life. 

One of the things that I personally have experienced is I’ve had people in my past where they didn’t like my own decisions. The decisions that I’ve made for myself have made people, not like my decisions and my ways and who I am as a person. 

I want to say to you, what that’s done for me is it’s made me become stronger. It’s made me be more of me. Because you don’t have to change one single thing about who you are. You are who you are because this is who you are. 

So, anybody in your world that wants you to change, or be a certain thing, or doesn’t like the way you are or what you’ve done, or how you’ve treated them, stop worrying about them! 

You know yourself, you’ve only done the best you could do with who you are and what you know, and what your life experiences are. 

No one ever does anything intentionally to hurt others. I mean, I’m sure there are people out there in the world that do things intentionally to hurt others. But at the end of the day, the good people and the right people will not go out of their way to intentionally hurt you.

The haters are always going to be there. There’s always going to be someone that doesn’t fucking agree with you or someone that just doesn’t want you to do well, or turns on you, or changes the way they feel about you. 

That is a part of life. 

The more we as humans can accept that things change, things happen, and we ain’t meant to be for everybody, the less we care about external things and just focus on ourselves.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and I’ve been seeing a lot of these phrases about people who come into our life for a reason, for a season, and for a lifetime. A reason meaning they’re here to teach us. 

The haters and the bully in our past or even present came into our life for a reason. Maybe it’s to make us stronger, tougher, and reflect more on the fact that our self worth doesn’t depend on other people’s opinions of ourselves.

Whether we did the wrong thing, or they did the wrong thing it doesn’t matter. There’s no wrong, and no right at the end of the day. 

Even though you could sit there and go through all the tactics, and all the facts, and all the figures there’s no right and there’s no wrong. Because there are always two sides to every story. 

So just ask yourself: what did it teach you? What did it teach them? You don’t have to worry about what it taught them, you just got to worry about what it taught you. 

It’s there for you, not happening to you.

All these things that happen in our life ain’t happening to us, they’re happening for us. 

The people around you that don’t like you, it’s just teaching you to be stronger. To be more connected with yourself, to be who you are, and stay true to who you are. That’s most important.

Don’t let someone else’s opinion change how you feel about yourself. Don’t filter who you are. Don’t think badly about yourself. 

You have your own lessons to learn and you have your own ways to learn. 

But you don’t have to justify yourself or justify any of your actions when you know who the fuck you are. You know who you are. So stay true to that.

I’ve done this many times myself. That’s why I’m so passionate about it. Many times I’ve filtered who I am and questioned who I am as a person because of other people’s opinions of who I am. 

None of those opinions matter. The only opinion that matters is your opinion of you. 

So if your opinion’s shit of you, you need to look at that most importantly. Not look at the haters, not look at the people that don’t like you because none of that shit matters. None of that shit fucking matters whatsoever. 

Coming back to the season, the reason, and the lifetime. 

The season is sometimes people just veer out of our life. You would know that.

You would know that sometimes, people in our life are there for a certain period, and then it just veers away. That’s fine too. 

Don’t be upset about that. These things happen in our life. Then you’ve got your people that are in your life for a lifetime. They’re not going anywhere. 

You go through all the hard times with them, and you still stay there with them. Because they love you for who you are. They love the strengths in you, they love the weaknesses in you. They love fucking all of you. 

They don’t sit there and dictate and tell you how you should live your life, who you need to be, what you’re about, right. They don’t ever question you. 

They love you as you are. The full package. Those people that don’t love you for that full package ain’t there for your lifetime. Trust me, they’re not.

I can’t stress to you enough, do not for another day let the haters dictate to you who you are, what you’re about, what your fucking truth is. 

All that matters is your truth about who the fuck you are. 

I’ve said the f-word a fair few times in this post because I’ve struggled with this myself. I’ve had a lot of pain, and a lot of heartache around this. 

If you’re a person that’s listened to me and you’re an out-there person, you’re a big personality, and you speak what you think you can come across more haters. 

You press a lot of people’s buttons, right. But if you’re more of a shy person you’re probably not going to come across more of those people.

But if you are a person that takes care of yourself and looks after yourself first, your family, and you take care of you number one, you’re going to come across more of that. 

Because a lot of people can’t do that in their own life. A lot of people can’t put themself first. A lot of people can’t stand their ground and be who they are. 

So, when they come across someone that is like that it almost triggers them even though they will never admit that to you. Yes, they won’t. 

So I want to say to you, stay you and fucking be you. That’s all you got to do. Stop judging yourself. 

The haters are there for a reason. The haters should be motivating you not to deter you.

Become braver, become stronger, become more of who you are.


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