I’m going to be talking about owning your story. 

So owning your story, what does that mean? I’m going to show you this little card first of all.

own your story

What owning your story means is who are you and what you’re about and not allowing other people to tell you what and should you have been in your past life.

Our story’s where we’ve come from, where we’ve been, who we are today and what has made who we are. 

Our past experiences and our past has made us exactly who we are today, good or bad or ugly. 

Whether we’ve made a mistake, or whether it’s out. But remember that our mistakes are the things that teach us the most and they’re our biggest of lessons. 

We don’t learn as much through wins, we learn more through challenges, through heartaches, through pains. That’s how we learn. 

We learn through the challenges. I know when we’re going through the pain, or when we’re going through the stuff, that’s the toughest of times. 

But owning your story means you own all of you. If you’re reading this blog and you’re going through the toughest of time in your life or you’re going through the biggest of challenges, it is hard to own your story.

Just allow yourself to process and to feel into that.

Once again, owning your story is really accepting all of you. Not just parts of you. Not the good parts of you. Accepting all your decisions. Accepting all of where you’ve been. You know what I’m saying, like the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In our wedding vows, we support our husband or our wife through thick and thin. So we have to support ourselves through thick and thin too. 

So our story is our story. No one else has lived your life. No one else is you. 

No one is you. No one is living your life. No one has had to make your decisions. No one has had to be you, or choose the things that you’ve had to choose. 

You’ve had to make your decisions based on your own life. 

You wouldn’t be where you are if you haven’t been through all those things, right? So stop beating yourself up, and own your fucking story. 

Own yourself. Fucking cheer yourself on. Be your big cheerleader. Be your biggest fan.

And how do we do that? We fucking own our story. We don’t filter who we are. 

We don’t look at ourselves and judge ourselves, even though we judge ourselves. I’m not saying we don’t judge ourselves. 

When we don’t own our stories, we are judging ourselves. We’re judging all the things that we’ve been through. 

The decisions we’ve made, the people we’ve been through, our experiences. You don’t need to do that.

You need to own your fucking story. And all of you are perfect the way it is, right now, in the present moment. 

Who you are right now is perfect, not perfect like literally, but it’s perfect as it is. It doesn’t need to be any different. 

You did the best you could do. So own your story. Stop allowing people to control how you feel about yourself. 

Own that story. Own the shit. Own the good. Own the bad. Own the ugly. You are who you are. There’s no filter. 



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