Are you struggling to forgive yourself and those people who have hurt you in the past?

Today I’ll be sharing with you the mindset and the tips that helped me with my journey on forgiveness and healing.

This has been a very big topic and personal experience of my own and I want to share with you my story and how you can help yourself by forgiving others, letting go, and not holding grudges, and yeah, really stepping in that energy. 

A lot of people think that when we forgive that we have to agree with whatever it is that we’ve got to forgive that person for or ourselves for. 

No, we don’t have to agree with it and we don’t have to accept it. 

That’s why people don’t forgive because they’re worried that if they forgive, they’ve got to accept it and agree with it. 

And whatever it is that you’ve gone through with that person or as I said with yourself. 

So my biggest lesson in forgiveness because I’ve had a lot of personal healing to do around relationships, friendships, and work relationships where I’ve had to forgive others and myself most of all. 

And the bottom line is forgiveness is about accepting that it is, that it was, and there’s no control over what other people do for us, not to us, for us. 

I knew I wanted to talk about forgiveness and I’m sure I’m going to evolve and become stronger in my posts in this, in my deliverance, and the way I’m going to help you in creating writing more about forgiving.

Before, when I was not forgiving, it’s because I didn’t want to agree. I wanted to disagree. I wanted to stay in the grudge of it all. 

This then made me not forgive other people and got mad at the situation.

I was angry at other people’s actions, but really all these things, and it might not be like that first of all. 

You know, when you go through something strongly, it doesn’t always have to be that in the first instance of it.

But as you start to work on yourself, you’ll start to get stronger with this. 

We didn’t have to forgive people and have them back in our life. 

We can say hello to them and have that energy of not hating them and just sending love. 

And what I mean by sending love not being a smart ass. I mean, literally, send them love as in not, ee don’t wish people bad.

We don’t wish people harm. We don’t wish people that are in our life that have hurt us that have been on our journey with us. 

They were there for a reason. They were there to help us to become a better person to experience things in life.

I don’t believe we’re always conscious of our actions when we do certain things. 

And I’m sure that if you’re on a spiritual journey you know that we don’t always do things or say things to hurt people. 

We can only do what’s best for us at the time.  So when we come to understand other people’s actions, we can forgive. 

But when we don’t accept other people’s actions and when we don’t understand their actions, we then stay in the unforgiveness state, holding grudges.

We stay in the anger, we stay in the pain, we stay in the story of it all. 

And that’s been a big thing for me too as well, is not staying in the story of it. 

When we keep repeating over and over whatever the thing that happened and we keep going over and over in our mind or our thoughts, we stay in that unforgiveness and that lower vibration. 

This is me teaching you how I’ve forgiven and how I’ve moved past people in my life. 

People that I’ve absolutely loved and got to that other side of it where I needed to do that for myself.

I needed to do that for myself. I needed to do it for the other person too as well because nobody wants to send horrible energy to people. Nobody wants to do that. 

Even though I’m not saying it’s perfect, we don’t have to be perfect in all that vibration and how we do that. 

The more you can come to understand that doesn’t mean you have to accept people’s actions, understand that it was their stuff, it wasn’t your stuff. 

They weren’t doing stuff to you. 

They’re doing stuff for you. It was happening for you, not to you. 

And that bit there, that little tiny slice I just said there I tell you, that has been a blessing for me.

It happened for you, not to you. Can’t stress that enough. And when we come into that vibration, forgiveness becomes so much easier. 

One of the lessons I’ve also had to learn is we didn’t have to have people back in our life that we forgive. 

That doesn’t mean to say that we can’t say hello to these people, but we don’t have to have them in our top five people in our life. 

Because we do have to protect ourselves and we do have to protect ourselves from not living a high vibration life and not shining bright in our life. 

And the thing is sometimes people in your life have served what they need from us in their relationship and what we do not need from them. 

But maybe a better word is what it served in our world with them. You know sometimes these relationships we don’t know and I don’t like to say things like this and I’ll show you don’t either. 

But sometimes these things in our life have happened at a certain time in our life when we don’t need that anymore in our future life if that makes sense.

So my expression and I’m struggling to get this out to you. It’s made me realize every day I’m working through forgiveness. 

Forgiving yourself is a whole other thing too as well. 

I struggle with this one because we’re all our own biggest critics. 

I’ve struggled with forgiving myself around my own decisions and my own choices in life.

But if we don’t forgive ourselves, we will keep recurring the same thing.

We’ll keep attracting the same thing in our life or the same type of people into our lives, or even the same type of circumstances because we’re still staying in that vibration because we haven’t forgiven ourselves.

You’ve got to forgive yourself. We as humans are humans. 

We do our best every day. And if you’re reading this blog post, you have to be in this vibration. You truly have to be or you’re curious. 

Or you are just sick of it. You’re sick of feeling the way you’re feeling. 

You’re sick of feeling hate, you’re sick of feeling anger. You’re sick of feeling like shit because you aren’t forgiving. 

And just know that when you do forgive, we don’t have to mean that we have to agree or we have to accept them back into our life or accept those things. 

It’s just forgiveness for them and yourself and know that this happened for you.

It happened for you. It didn’t happen to you, it happened for you. For you to vibrate at a higher level to move through the things that needed to happen. 

And forgiveness is not easy. It’s not easy, but it will fucking serve you like you will not believe when you start to vibrating on this level. 

And there’s so many books, so many podcasts, so many videos around forgiveness. 

It’s something that I really want to help others with because when we’re not forgiving and when we’re fearing people and are fearing to let go of the pain, letting go of the story, we’re staying in that lower vibration. 

And when we’re in the higher vibration, we are forgiving and we’re letting it go.

We’re surrendering. We don’t want to feel that pain anymore. 

So I hope this has helped you. And they’re the things that have helped me. So remember this has happened for you, not to you. 

And people don’t always really know consciously what they’re doing and how they’re doing it to us. I don’t believe it anyway. 

Not everyone’s conscious of their actions and they’re just taking, they’re just going about every single day and doing what they’re doing. And sometimes those actions are regretful. 

And there’s another thing, don’t ever regret what you’ve done in the past because again, you have to forgive yourself. 

You did the best you could do with what you knew. 

I’m telling you, things will start to vibrate very differently and you’ll start to feel very differently in your own life. 

And you’ll start to attract different people in your life, and different circumstances in your life because of the way you’re vibrating. 

And nobody deserves not to be forgiven and no one deserves not to be forgiven, as in forgiving yourself. So please forgive yourself. 

That’s number one. Number one is to forgive yourself. 

You have to forgive yourself. It’s important for you to live a very good life and for you to shine bright, you have to forgive yourself. 

So I just said that three times. So that’s a big message for you. And I hope you’ve loved my post because I love creating this for you.


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