Too many times as humans we reject pain and we reject going through the emotional side of things.

When pain arrives in our life or when we’re going through anything to do with the pain, we don’t want to feel it. 

But let me tell you this, you need to accept pain as it’s happening for you. Yes, it’s happening for you and not to you.

In our life, we go through the pain and we go through pleasure. We don’t just have a life full of the highs, all the big highs. 

So the more we accept that this is the reality of life and that pain is a part of the experience, we will stop expecting our journey to always be rainbows and unicorns and we will start to embrace when the pain comes along.

We reflect on it. We own it. We see in it. We observe it. We be it, and we understand the reason why it’s happening for us.

Pain is there to make us stronger. It’s making us learn. It’s making us wiser. Pain is making us so brave that when we come through and when we go through the big things in life, we can handle it.

Always remember that it’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you.  It’s happening for you so that you will learn valuable lessons and start vibrating at a higher level.

So when the pain comes up in you in whatever shape or form, it’s a sign. It’s talking to you. It’s trying to teach you.

If we start looking at pain as a completely different thing instead of looking at it as a problem, we would then start to embrace the parts of our life that are not so positive.

And we know that’s happening for a reason, for us to vibrate at a higher level, to shine bright, to be in this world and be in this world where we know that not everything’s happening to us. 

And we’re not going through all this stuff in our life because it’s meant to hurt us.

Nothing’s meant to hurt us. We are meant to embrace it. We’re a spiritual being too as well. We’re not just a human, we are a spiritual being living this life, and everything that happens to us, for us, is for a reason.

It’s for you to vibrate at a higher level. It’s for you to evolve and to become wiser within you. 

You start to understand what it is that you want, what it is that you don’t want and things just really start to change around you when you look at pain very differently.


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