Have you ever felt once in your life when you just want to give up? Whether it’s a career, a business, a relationship, or other things. Before you do, please read this blog until the end.

Not giving up is a discussion that is deep within me.

I feel that it’s been one of my things that I’ve been strong at in my own life and my business life. And I thought I would bring it to you. As you know, I can only share with you the things that I’ve struggled in or had pain with, or I have had confidence in. 

And then, of course, I want to bring those topics to you and hopefully, in some ways, they will inspire or resonate or touch you on some deeper level. 

There’s probably about five things that I believe is the essence of not giving up.

And so if you want to give up, or you’ve had this thought in your mind for quite some time, “Maybe I should just give up. Maybe I should just let it go.” 

But you’re still in two minds and you haven’t quite done that yet. I just want to share with you the things that you can do that can stop you from giving up. 

I believe that only when we give up is when we fail at something. I do believe there is a call that we have to close chapters and give up on things in our life for our hearts. 

We need to do that for our hearts well then so be it.

But there is a lot of things in our life that we need to consider. Fear can step in, self-doubt, and other things that can stop us. They can tell us that we need to give up. 

1. Courage

When giving up is knocking on your door, we’ve got to have the courage to stay there and to be in it as to what we’re wanting to do, what we’re wanting to create, or what we wanted to change. 

Or just simply that you need to step up into another level of yourself and stay encouraged instead of playing small. So courage is a big thing. 

When we have courage, we can pretty much conquer anything. As debilitating as it is when things seem so scary and unknown, we require courage, right?

We need to be brave in our personal life to not give up. 

Courage is everything. 

There are lots of things on courage that you can read more about like books on courage, podcasts on courage, etc.. 

I believe courage is one of the key elements of not giving up. 

2. Take a Break

The second one is taking a break. I didn’t believe this about five years ago, but I believe now that sometimes, you just need to take that break away from whatever it is in your life to not give up and to analyze the truth.

Sometimes we can make rational decisions from our minds more so than our gut and our heart. 

And we tend to give up very easily because our mind’s telling us that we need to give up, but it’s not deep within you what you need to do. 

Taking that break away from all the things can help you to not give up. That was the second thing.

3. Perseverance

The third thing is perseverance. So this is a big thing. I’ve always had really good willpower and I believe perseverance. 

For me, you’ve got to stick to something to create something and change something. 

I believe perseverance is a big factor. I like it. It’s almost null and void if you ain’t got perseverance and you ain’t persevering with something.

I feel you can give up because you’re not sticking to it. 

Sometimes as humans, we want fast results and we want to conquer things quickly, but things don’t happen overnight, right? Things ain’t going to drop in our lap. 

You know, I see a lot of people think things can just change fastly. 

Two years, one year and if they ain’t getting what they need or the change ain’t happening as fast as they wish that they then give up. 

I want to say you need to have perseverance in your blueprint because when you do stick to something and you put your all into it, miracles can happen.

4. Bravery

The fourth thing is bravery. I think it takes a very brave person to not give up, even when everyone’s telling us in our life to give up around us. 

So our loved ones, our friends, our closest one, our family, our partners, all around us, everyone’s saying that “You know what? You should just give up.” because basically, your loved ones are always going to protect you from pain based on how they view it. 

Whereas you, whatever it is that you’re doing that you are considering giving up on, you only know what your dreams are. You only know what your desires are. Which no one else knows those things. 

Your loved ones are only thinking on behalf of themselves. Whereas you, you feel and think in your gut on behalf of you. 

No one else is. No one knows deep within you what you know about you.

So be brave to step away from all the people that are around you that say to you, “Give up.” 

One of the books that I could recommend to you around bravery is Brene Brown’s book called Daring Greatly.

She is fucking amazing on brave and courage. And I think her books would resonate with you if this is something that you’re struggling with. 

5. Struggling vs. Failing

Struggling and failing are two different things.

You know, failure to me is like you’re trying and you’re being brave and you’re taking risks. And it wasn’t a mistake as long as you don’t repeat that same mistake. Whereas struggling is when you’re stuck. 

Struggling is when you’re just at that point of what to do next. You’re in a stage where you ask yourself “Where do I go next?” “How do I make a decision?” Make sure that you understand the difference between the two. 

A lot of people will give up because they think they’re going to fail. A lot of people will give up because they think, “Oh my God, this is such a struggle. This is such a painful event in my life.” 

Or it seems like a pain, or it seems like it’s fucking hard. So then you want to give up because you’re struggling at whatever it is that you’re trying to do.

And then if you have in your mind that, “What about if I fail? What happens if it doesn’t work?” You then too can give up. 

I believe that to decide on either of those is the wrong decision. Because we don’t give up because we think we’re going to fail and we don’t give up because we were struggling. 

I truly don’t believe that. I’m a prime example of struggling. I’ll just share something with you. 

In the last five years, since I started this journey of online world coaching, I had to step into a lot of self-confidence and it was a huge self-development time for me. 

And I thought I had pretty good self-confidence, but when I journeyed on this journey of coaching, it was just like, Holy smokes.

I didn’t realize how many self-doubts and so many variables of my mind that was stopping me. Which in turn made me struggle. But what I want to share with you is that I didn’t stop. 

Even though I was struggling and I still am today. There are certain parts of my business that I’m struggling in, but I’m not going to choose to give up because I’m determined to stay in it. 

And I can honestly say I haven’t given it my best shot as in, I haven’t fully committed to what it is that I’m trying to do. So will I give up on something and I haven’t given it my all. 

And so I know that well. Like just make sure you know the difference. I’m not scared of failing. I’ve never been a person who’s scared of failing because I don’t believe that means that you’ve done wrong or made a mistake.

I just think that you’ve tried and you did your best. Whereas struggles. I think a lot of people, when they’re struggling they go, “Oh my God this is too much, too hard. 

Maybe the struggle means I’m not meant to be doing this.” But I believe that’s not true. I just believe that it means that you need to change the direction and change the way you’re doing things completely or make a new decision for you to see it and view it and feel it completely differently. 

So just make sure that you understand when your body is feeling like it’s struggling, when your body’s saying, “Oh my God, I’m scared to fail. I don’t want to fail at this. I don’t want to be judged.” 

Final Words

So it takes all those things, I believe, to not give up. And when you conquer those parts, I’ll tell you, nothing is going to stop you. Nothing is going to get in your way of what you need to do in your life. 

And the dreams you need to create. Whether it’s your relationships, your career, or just in your every day. And you know, it could just be your fitness. It doesn’t matter what it is. But if you start to integrate those things in your life, I’m telling you anything is fucking possible. 


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