If you met me today, you might think I’ve always been the type of women to be confident and self assured in herself. But that’s not exactly true! You see gorgeous, I’ve been through some serious struggles and moments where I felt unsure of who I was and afraid to speak my truth.

I used to keep my spiritual side in a neat little box that only I could see, and I constantly held myself back from being who I truly knew I was within. Deep down, I wanted to be the confident, ‘walk your talk’ Rechelle that I am today but for years I put on a mask of someone else.

That was until I hit rock bottom and my entire world changed.

I had owned my hairdressing salon for 16 years. To the outside world I was successful. I played it ‘safe’ with my business. But despite my best efforts to stay above water, I found myself drowning into bankruptcy.

I had pushed my true self to the side for so many years, and took myself completely away from my soul’s path, and eventually it led to this huge wake up call.

It was like my higher self had slapped me straight in the face with bankruptcy!

I felt empty, alone and wanted to run away and not face this pain another day, I felt like a complete failure and I blamed myself for letting my family down and others. All that I had ever worked for had been taken away from me.

I went through weeks and months where I felt lost, scared and a complete failure.

But over time, I knew I had to trust my intuition that was guiding me forward. I had two choices:

  1. I could run away scared and never try again
  2. I could step up and claim back my power

My ‘fuck what have I done!’ moment turned into a pivotal step in my soul’s path.

Instead of just giving up and throwing in the towel, I took all my courage and moved forward into my future.

Instead of pushing the pain away and pretending like it didn’t happen, I embraced that pain head on, felt it all the way through and kept moving forward.

Instead of playing it safe and getting another comfy job, I turned my pain into my greatest superpower and followed my intuition towards my spiritual awakening.

Instead of letting my bankruptcy define me, I used it as the motivation to keep going in the darkest of times.

When I look back on that horrible time, I am grateful for going through it. I can see now that my bankruptcy was the best thing to happen to me because it gave me the slap in the face that I needed to redirect my life and own who I am!

These days I am unapologetic about my spirituality – so much so that I’ve built this business helping women to step into their power and it lights me up every single day.

Without going through my breakdown, I would probably still be struggling emotionally and ‘hiding’ away my true self from the world.

Beautiful woman, if you’re somewhere similar right now, feeling pain, feeling lost, feeling like you’ve failed, please DO NOT give up.

Do not let your past define you.

Do not let your pain determine your future.

Instead, trust your intuition, be bold in your next steps and rise up into your light. Shine like the freakin’ superstar that you are!

These moments are scary as fuck, but they are so worth it. Your breakdown is simply a sign that your soul needs to break out. So listen. Trust yourself. And never, ever give up on the dreams within your heart.


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