What does it really take to be a free spirit woman with kickass confidence? How can we live our best life unapologetically despite all the shits, the self-doubts, and the downfalls we have within ourselves?

In today’s episode, I share valuable tips on how you can create and do whatever it is that you want by being confident with yourself and standing in your truth. I believe that confidence is about just doing it, and saying what you want, and not letting other people stop you from being confident in what it is that you want to do.

You will surely enjoy this podcast as I enjoy making it for you!

In this episode, I shared my most empowering words and wisdom about confidence, including:

  • 3 tips on how to be a woman with kickass confidence – and what you can do to maximize your power
  • How you can stop yourself from holding back from the things that you need to say and do
  • Taking uncomfortable steps – how to stand in your truth and be brave to make new choices in life
  • How I use essential oils to support my voice so I can speak better and more powerfully


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+ How to be Kickass Confident – Facebook Video by Rechelle Mackay

About Me:

I am Rechelle Mackay and I am an intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and lightworker empowering women to express themselves freely, live their truth and walk through life with an inner spark of confidence.

Known as the Spiritess of Truth, Rechelle believes in turning your pain into your greatest power and she supports her clients transformations by fusing her diverse range of spiritual and healing modalities.

Connect with me at:

+ Website: rechellemackay.com.au
+ Facebook Pages: Free Spirit Woman
+ Instagram: @_rechellemackay_


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