How would you feel if I tell you that there is one miraculous food that has an incredible ability to create sweeping improvements for all kinds of your health issues? Can you imagine how your body would greatly benefit to its amazing healing powers?

In today’s episode, I explain why celery juice is called a miracle juice and how it helped not only me but also my family with our specific health concerns. I believe that if you will find a way to bring celery juice into your life, it will help bring you the healing you deserve.

This is something that you shouldn’t miss out as this can bring your health to a greater level!

In this episode, you will learn the best information, tips, and personal stories I have with celery juice including: 

  • Most effective tips to prepare and take the celery juice to get its maximum and powerful results in our body
  • Numerous benefits of this miracle juice on our skin, digestive system, ligaments and bones, and in our whole body
  • My personal experience with celery juice and how it helped my husband’s overall health, my daughter’s skin problem, and my digestive system + bloating.

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+ Medical Medium is a book by Anthony Williams 

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I am Rechelle Mackay and I am an intuitive success coach, spiritual teacher and lightworker empowering women to express themselves freely, live their truth and activating your POWER!

Known also as the Spiritess of Truth, Rechelle believes in turning your pain into your greatest power and she supports her clients transformations by fusing her diverse range of spiritual and healing modalities with no BS approach!

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