‘Badass Activation’


This session is for the woman who has a mission inside of her, but she’s needing a big massive nudge into ACTION who needs a powerhouse Spiritual Intuitive and Leading Confidence Coach who activates her into gear!

In this session, I’ll ask you the right questions that will help you have the confidence to connect with yourself and find the clarity you need.


  • You feel stuck in one key area of your life or business and need the support of a bad-ass no bullshit approach coach to guide you into your path forward and help you to take that first step. .

  • You’re ready to stop dancing around your dream because you already know what you need to do, but you want to get activated so you can move forward feeling fearless, brave, and confident AF than ever before.


what you’ll get
  • 1-hour coaching session (Skype or phone) where we’ll get real and super clear on what’s holding you back from moving forward 
  • Recording of your session to go back over and review at any time.
  • Oracle card reading post session 


These sessions are unique to each person, and as a Spiritual Intuitive and Leading Confidence Coach, I will use a mix of modalities during your session to provide the clarity you need most.

Resources are provided if necessary to help you get activated and aligned.

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