Oh my freakin’Gosh!

It feels like forever since I talk to you all here on my podcast but hey, hey, hey, BUT GOOD THING i am back with a BANG!

You’re gonna get 100% realness, rawness and authenticity with me as always on my pod. I will unfold the curtains of where the fuck I have been and the life-changing lessons I’ve learned over the last year.

Here are the personal experiences, the lessons, and self SUPER growth journey I shared in this episode:

  • Why it’s important not to judge yourself in where you’re at – the what if’s and what could have been 
  • The thing that blocked me as a mentor, a coach and an entrepreneur and what I did to grow through it and bring my creativity back!
  • My personal struggles in seeing the lesson and accepting the reality everytime there’s a massive change that happens in my life
  • How my business gets affected by my internal conflicts and battles especially in my personal relationships
  • Self-diagnosing myself with ADHD. It helped me to understand my ways, my personality. A new perspective and understanding of myself 
  • The birthing of my Fierce Femme Events  – a monthly DAY retreat for women that is held on my property where we’re going to bring you back to yourself. It’s a day working on MIND BODY SPIRIT with like minded sisters & it will be a massive disruption of what the norm is at the typical type of day retreat or workshop. It’s going to be full of loads of ENERGY, PASSION &  MOTIVATION with tools to take away!!! 

Make sure to listen to the full episode for more specific details and stories!


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+ Byron Katie – The Work

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About Me:

I am Rechelle Mackay, your Confidence Coach, and Badass Intuitive! 

I activate and help bad-ass women like you let go of your self-doubt and fear so you can get UNSTUCK & UNBLOCKED and finally live a life you’re truly fucking wanted & passionate about!

Known also as the Spiritess of Unapologetic Living giving no F**KS what others think, I am passionate about helping you break free from fear, and not allow self-doubt to define you so you can unapologetically walk into a life of wild freedom and purpose. I AM A CONFIDENT AF QUEEN leading you the way home!!!! 

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