Rosie Chehade is the founder of Happiness Lifestyle and is an Internationally Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership Coach, Master Mentor, and Speaker in the Coaching and Consciousness industry.

She is also the creator of Rise + THRIVE, a Transformational mastermind for women in Leadership.

Rosie specialises in helping high achieving women + business owners reclaim their wholeness, magnify their impact, and rise in success.

She is a spiritual advisor and business coach for CEOs and conscious entrepreneurs and has personally supported hundreds of people around the world to transform their health, businesses, and lives.

Rosie is dedicated to women’s empowerment and leads transformational group intensives and workshops, as well as mindfulness retreats, both nationally and internationally.

Her principle focus in life is to support people in awakening to their wholeness and lead more open, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Rosie is such an amazing person and she’s someone who’s very close to my heart because she has helped me in my own personal and business transformation.

I am 100% sure you will enjoy and love this conversation! So let’s dive right in!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Rosie’s formula to live unapologetically and authentically
  • How to turn your self-doubt into self-belief and self-confidence
  • Knowing your values and incorporating them into the different areas of your life
  • What is intuition and how you can use it to drive yourself for success
  • The two different types of guidance that you can access
  • How to navigate our 3 brains – our mind, our heart, and our gut
  • How to trust yourself when you are going through a massive change in your life
  • One mindset shift that would help you to show up as yourself confidently into the world
  • How to turn your mess into your strength and use it to help others who are going through what you’ve been through

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About Me:

I am Rechelle Mackay, Spiritual Intuitive and Leading Confidence Queen and I activate and help bad-ass women like you let go of your self-doubt and fear so you can shine bright and finally live a life you’re truly fucking passionate about!

Known also as the Spiritess of Unapologetic Living, I am passionate about helping you break free from fear, and not allow self-doubt to define you so you can unapologetically walk into a life of wild freedom and purpose.

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+ Facebook Page: Happiness Lifestyle

+ Instagram: @rosiechehade_coach

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