Katherine is an ex-corporate turned into a life and success coach, conscious consultant, and soul purpose guide.

She is the creator of Reflect and Project (a 2020 initiation to anchor in the next iteration of you) and the Astrology Training (a masterclass to discover your soul’s cosmic blueprint) and the host of Soul in the City podcast.

As a transformational mentor, she guides you through the exploration and connection to your soul, fusing magical wisdom with modern practical application.

Katherine moves through life with the deep belief that through the study of self, all becomes clear. She evokes a re-enchantment of life through the development and inner-standing of yourself and your cosmic blueprint.

Through deep innate knowing and straight forward pragmatic action, she helps you discover your soul’s purpose and shift into a reality you are truly proud of.

So if you want to access your own divine guidance and take inspired action on your journey towards self-actualization and hear Katherine’s straightforward, practical wisdom, based in logic and infused with grace, then this conversation is just for you!

In this episode we chat about:

  • Katherine’s story on how she dropped out of the corporate world and take a new and aligned path to her soul
  • Sense of acceptance – how to fully accept yourself to be unapologetic and authentic
  • Bravery – how being courageous can help you live a life that’s 100% authentic to you
  • Intuition is like a muscle – the more you trust and strengthen it, the more you will understand it and the more you will know how it communicates to you
  • How following moon cycles can be a great way for you to set goals and intentions or reap the benefits and enjoy the time of any completions
  • Katherine’s morning routine to invoke magic into your life and to connect with your spirit guides

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