Have you ever ask yourself what is a sign? How do we recognize a sign? Or how do we take notice of them without thinking it’s a coincidence?

You’re in for a treat because, in this episode, I talk a lot about signs, how to recognize that is a sign, and how you can interpret the sign for yourself.

I also share my personal story of how I have been guided by signs in my whole adult life from the littlest to the biggest of things.

This is a topic that you never want to miss out!

In this episode, you will learn these tips from me:

  • My 3 top tips that you can do right away to really allow and trust the signs to come through
  • How you can use signs to give you direction of what’s next, or what you need to feel, or what you need to know.
  • How to receive more signs by being open-minded 
  • Trust – why trusting the signs that you receive 

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About Me:

I am Rechelle Mackay, your Empowerment Coach, and Spiritual Bad-ass Mentor and 

I activate and help bad-ass women like you let go of your self-doubt and fear so you can shine bright and finally live a life you’re truly fucking passionate about!

Known also as the Spiritess of Unapologetic Living, I am passionate about helping you break free from fear, and not allow self-doubt to define you so you can unapologetically walk into a life of wild freedom and purpose.

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