My excitement and enthusiasm rise to the roof as I welcome you to the Shine Bright Babes with Rechelle Mackay podcast!

This brand new season is passionately dedicated to helping you shine bright in every area of your life and teaching you to move out of the mud, the shit, and the stuckness.

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  • Podcast interview with me! Yes, this is also your show and I would really be happy for you to tell your story and how you deal with your everyday life.
  • The story behind the name of this new podcast season and the why behind it.

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About Me:

I am Rechelle Mackay, your Empowerment Coach, and Spiritual Bad-ass Mentor and

I activate and help bad-ass women like you let go of your self-doubt and fear so you can shine bright and finally live a life you’re truly fucking passionate about!

Known also as the Spiritess of Unapologetic Living, I am passionate about helping you break free from fear, and not allow self-doubt to define you so you can unapologetically walk into a life of wild freedom and purpose.

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Facebook Page: Rechelle Mackay – The Free Spirit Woman

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